Other Workshops

Finger Modes Workshop

finger_modesThis 3-day workshop covers more than 46 finger modes and the various balancing techniques relating to these modes. A very busy information-packed workshop. This is for kinesiologists who would like to become more familiar with using the finger modes and would like to learn some new balancing options.

Louise Geldenhuys

  • Prerequisites: Integration
  • Cost: R2 150.00 *
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Credits: 21 Classroom Hours
    * (includes manual, licence fees and teas.)
  • 30 Workbook Hours (optional)
    * (includes tuition, manual, licence fees and teas.)

Anatomy and Physiology

  • WHO: All Kinesiology students or Kinesiologists who have not taken any Anatomy and Physiology classes and want to qualify as Specialized Kinesiologists.
  • WHAT: The workshop has been specifically developed for Kinesiologists by Gudrun Lauterbach, from Kinesiology Centre Natal. It will be taught by Bianka Wasserman, a Specialised Kinesiologist with a Bachelors of Science in Human Physiology. It will cover various organ systems of the body; attention is also given to the metaphysical interpretation of illness and also the interrelationship between the various organ systems in the body. Yes, it is factual BUT…we also aim to make it real, alive, interesting and fascinating – after all, we express who we are with and through our bodies!
  • DURATION: The workshop is a total of 10 days, plus one exam day.
  • TIMES: Classes are from 9:30 – 16:30 each day.
  • DATES: Please contact Bianka for dates
  • COST: R4500.00 (includes manual, extra hand-outs, teas and licenses). Each student is also responsible for purchasing their own Anatomy and Physiology text book to work with.

  • TEXT BOOK: Each student will receive a manual at the beginning of the course that covers all the organ systems that we will be covering. The manual however is just a skeleton and so each student is required to purchase an Anatomy and Physiology book for themselves. I will bring some examples for you to take a look at the first day of the workshop.

  • BOOKINGS: Please complete an enrollment form at this link

  • CREDITS: 100 Classroom Hours