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You have probably come across this website for one of two reasons: Either you have a passion for helping others and are looking to study Specialised Kinesiology to achieve this purpose or there is something in your personal life that needs addressing and resolve (whether on a mental, emotional or physical level). I hope that you will find what you are looking for here. For more information about one on one Specialised Kinesiology sessions please contact me directly using the details on the Contact Us tab. For more information on studying Specialised Kinesiology and practitioner training, about the college and what we teach please visit the Kinesiology College tab. For more information on the diffferent study paths please visit the Kinesiology Study Paths tab. For more information about me and my instructor colleague please visit the Instructor Profiles tab.



Perspectives On Recuperation Through Specialised Kinesiology:

Energy Kinesiology College

The demand for Kinesiology as a therapy has grown exponentially in Gauteng in the last few years, as has the need for practitioners who are registered with the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa (ASKSA). We offer a streamlined, professional course, which enables you to start practising as an Active Kinesiologist after 12 months. However, our programme is designed, so that after 2 years you will be able to qualify as a Specialised Kinesiologist. We also present exciting new advanced workshops on a regular basis. For more information click on the Kinesiology College tab or Contact us to send you our latest Study Prospectus.

Firstly, we believe, all dis-ease is merely our body’s way of trying to tell us that something is out of balance. The way it does this is through the symptoms we experience. Symptoms can be seen as “messengers”. We are homeostatic (state of equilibrium maintained by self-regulation) beings that were born perfectly to achieve what we need to in life, with the internal resources to keep us going. In an ideal world we should be able to recuperate from whatever life throws at us, be it on a physical, emotional and/or mental level. But life happens and it often throws us curve balls that sometimes cause us to fall off the track. What then happens (with our fast paced lives these days) is that we struggle to recuperate properly and get ourselves back on track with 100% capability. We then start “defending” through life instead of living life. This is where Specialised Kinesiology is so beneficial.

Through the gentle, yet effective practice of Specialised Kinesiology we are able to identify what the obstacles/blockages are that have moved us off this homeostatic balance state. Once the obstacles/blockages have been identified, the person’s neurology can then be re-balanced with various techniques to move us back into a state where we are better able to adapt and respond to life more appropriately. This then allows the person’s innate healing ability to start working positively for them towards a better state of well-being.

In some sessions we work mainly on the physical body using reflex points and muscles, while in other sessions we may work on mostly emotional or mental issues. Usually though, there is a combination. A session often starts off by working with clearing defence patterns before getting to work with the reason why the client came for a session in the first place. By that I mean we are usually so busy ‘defending’ how we do life, how we react to situations, to people, how we “cope” with symptoms, that we don’t know how to do life any other way. We get set in patterns of behaviour of which we are not even aware. Specialised Kinesiology allows us to change that to be able to do life better.

The second perspective is that people are responsible for their own recuperation and well-being. I can help facilitate your recuperation through Kinesiology sessions, but the journey and the choices you make along the way are yours. There are no good or bad choices. Most people adapt appropriately to life, however, sometimes we realise we haven’t always done the ‘right thing’ (with hindsight). Part of what happens in a session is to identify these inappropriate adaptations to life, and retrain our neurology so that we don’t repeat the pattern in the future. All healing should be gentle. Putting ourselves back into balance through Kinesiology, means that the body can now heal or recuperate itself naturally.


Individual Specialised Kinesiology Sessions

Your first consultation and session is approximately 1 hour 20 and costs R600.00. All follow on sessions are approximately 1 hour long and cost R550.00 per hour. Medical aids do not recognise most complementary therapies so unfortunately you will not be able to claim your session payment back from medical aid.