What Clients Say

As a both a Kinesiology student with a desire to learn more about health and wellness, and an individual who goes for sessions, I can never get over the self-awareness that Specialised Kinesiology promotes as it’s incomparable to any other modality I’ve experienced. Learning about yourself and the way your subconscious has made sense of scenarios within your life, as well as how your genetics play a role in your predispositions, and that they can be addressed so you don’t necessarily travel in your genetic footsteps is hugely empowering.   Over and above that, addressing the cause of physical symptoms is fascinating – even more so when one realises that once they are correctly addressed, they often disappear! This gives strength to the argument that Kinesiology truly does address ailments in a non-invasive yet effective way.

Stacey C.

I started studying Kinesiology in 2013 commencing with Touch for Health. I fell passionately in love with this amazing therapy that really works as I believe is the ‘new psychology’. I was privileged to have Monica as a lecturer in Neuro-training and Emotional Kinesiology modules and can only comment that she is a brilliant teacher who is totally passionate about communicating this amazing Kinesiology modality to her students. She is patient, dedicated and an inspiration to those she serves. I am so blessed to have found Kinesiology and to have had an honourable teacher teaching me. If you want to change your life quickly, then kinesiology is the answer. It’s not a protracted therapy but gets to the core of the problem effectively and swiftly.

Colleen F.

I had been suffering from PMS related depression for ten years. Two weeks out of every month I was miserable, to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed. I had seen numerous doctors, been placed on antidepressants and tried every different pill and remedy out there but nothing was working. After one session with Monica the PMS symptoms started to subside, and within 3 months they were completely gone. The PMS symptoms are gone and it is now a thing of the past. Kinesiology has completely changed my life!”

Jessica L.

In 2009 I was faced with my own personal challenge which left me feeling unworthy, unhappy and lost. This is when I discovered Kinesiology and was blown away by this amazing therapy. After numerous sessions I felt happier, regained my self confidence, and was able to think clearly and make the right decisions for myself and to overcome my challenges. I resonated so much with the physical techniques used in Kinesiology but most importantly I was drawn to the mental and emotional side and this is when I knew I had found what I had been looking for and I had a deep desire to become a Kinesiologist myself. The studies fascinated me and I can truly say changed my life in the most positive and dynamic way. Personally, Kinesiology has helped me to be a better person, cope under pressure, set healthy boundaries and to finally love, accept, respect and appreciate myself. Most importantly it has accelerated my need and desire to help others. To this day, when something arises in life that I struggle with, I turn to Kinesiology to release me from burdens that are holding me back. I am very passionate about Kinesiology and it amazes and excites me how it helps us get right to the core issue of a symptom and to free one up to move forward with ease and to reach their full potential.

Debra M.

I first came across Kinesiology in Pietermaritzburg when I was about 15 years old. I went for a session myself and was fascinated by the process. In particular, I noticed the difference it made in my younger brother’s life – he went for several sessions. I am now studying kinesiology and loving every minute of it. There is so much to learn that I feel I will always be learning! In addition to this, I go to see Monica as a client and I can feel that the balances she has done on me have helped me to shift. Some of the shifts are obvious and others more subtle. It is such a wonderful healing modality because it addresses the whole person and identifies underlying causes of issues. Once these are addressed, there tends to be a snowball effect of resolving problems and also identifying the next ‘layer’ that needs attention. I can highly recommend Kinesiology as a treatment, as well as the training to practice it.

Jill N.

I went into studying Kinesiology without having a clue what it was about. The first course, TFH 1, I found a bit daunting because I had to get my mind around the mental aspect of trusting a muscle response. But after that the entire journey of learning was amazing and in doing it I uncovered many aspects of myself I had long forgotten about, but my neurology hadn’t. The belief in the power of Kinesiology grew greatly with each module and practice session. Issues, events and emotions surfaced that I had honestly forgotten about and there was no way anyone there could have known about them, but they were still having an effect on me. My neurology indicated exactly what it wanted to work on and how to balance it. That is the power of healing, and I got “healed”, sometimes without even realising it until a little later. It is also great to watch the transformation that happens to all the other people on course too. It is a fun and powerful journey and I would recommend anyone to go see a Kinesiologist or attend the courses to become one. The world could do with a whole lot more of us. I learnt a lot, and the way in which the course is taught gave us the practical hands on experience as well.

Sharon C.