Energy Kinesiology College

The Energy Kinesiology College offers internationally recognised Specialised Kinesiology training. We offer courses from 4 schools of kinesiology: Touch For Health (TFH) accredited through the International Kinesiology College with the Australian Kinesiology Association. Neuro-Training (NT) accredited through the College of Neuro-training with the Australian Kinesiology Association, Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T.), accredited through N.O.T. International with the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists, and Kinesiology Centre Natal (KCN), accredited with The Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa. We are in the process of having Specialised Kinesiology accredited and registered with the government in South Africa.

Our first year study path (laid out on the Study Paths page) usually begins toward the end of March every year.

You will be credited for al courses, assessments, case studies and workbooks you complete and your qualifications will be recognised by the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa (ASKSA) when you register with the association.

The approach to your kinesiology studies can be flexible. Touch For Health is the basis for all forms of Kinesiology and is a pre-requisite for all modules. TFH 1-4 are the pre-requisites for the first Neuro-training (ASONT) and Emotional Kinesiology (EK1) modules. You can choose to do the Neuro-Training and Kinesiology Centre Natal workshops which integrate the mental, emotional and physical aspects of dis-stress and dis-ease once you have completed TFH 1-4, or you can choose to do the Neural Organisation Technique series of workshops, which focus more (but not exclusively) on the physical body, after completing the Neuro-training, Principles of Recuperation module. Should you wish to become a career (Specialised) Kinesiologist, you are encouraged to do both series of workshops (the level 1 and 2 study paths). You do not need any prior kinesiology experience for either one of these.

The programme is designed so that you may qualify as a Specialised Kinesiologist at the end of the Level 2 recommended study path. There is the option to exit as an Active Kinesiologist at the end of the Level 1 workshops.
To become a Professional Specialised Kinesiologist, to advance your knowledge and to keep in accordance with ASKSA’s CPD regulations you can then attend any “advanced workshops” that are held.
You may choose to only do Touch for Health to help family and friends, or as an additional therapy to offer your clients if you already practice other healing modalities.
Financial and time considerations may also influence the way you choose to study. You may break up your studies by doing TFH in year 1, Neuro-Training in year 2, N.O.T. in year 3, or break them up in some other way. There is no time limit on getting your qualification.

As each workshop for Level 1 builds upon the material of the previous one, they need to be completed in the sequence as outlined in the Level One Study Path. If you choose to do only TFH 1 – 4, or N.O.T. 1-4  then the workshops must be completed in sequential order (i.e. TFH 1, then TFH 2, then TFH 3, and lastly TFH 4.)

Experienced Kinesiologists are encouraged to do the Neuro-Training workshops as the approach is very different to other forms of Kinesiology. You will be able to incorporate your prior learning into the Neuro-Training protocols. Even though you may be starting at Level 1, there is very little material that will be repeated and the protocols are very different to other forms of Kinesiology. If you have studied with another school/form of Kinesiology, then you may be exempt from doing the Touch For Health workshops and can start with the Neuro-training straight away

The course material is presented as part theory lecture, part practical and, in some modalities, part written assessments, workbooks and case studies. The workbooks to be completed at home are mandatory in order to receive your international certification. You will however receive certificates of attendance for each workshop.